Our Vision

While leveraging our relationships and experience in the grain market over the past two decades, our vision is to introduce soybean producers of NE Kansas to the international market! We want to earn your business and be YOUR preferred BUYER as we strive to deliver exceptional service.  From the moment you drive on the scale to the moment you receive your check, we hope to display our commitment to friendly and professional service.  

We have invested in the latest technology to allow for a rapid unload environment as well as efficient and easy to understand scale ticket and settlement process.  We welcome your feedback and hope to earn your business for years to come!






Our Price Later Contract

All bushels received by Global Grain (which are not contracted prior to delivery) will be accepted under a Price Later Contract.  This contract is also known as a Delayed Pricing (DP) or No Price Established (NPE) contract.  

We are excited to offer you the following terms for our Price Later Contract:

  • Price bushels at any time
  • Price any bushel quantity
  • May delay pricing bushels until August 31 following delivery
  • Price is the published cash price where you delivered your bushels
  • No fees - if priced within 10 days of delivery
  • No payment will be made until pricing occurs
  • Ability to defer payment 
  • Monthly service fee of $.05/bu until bushels are priced - not a storage fee
  • Title passes to Global Grain upon delivery - you would not qualify for LDP or CCC loan
  • Subject to basis and futures price risk




Hours of Operation: 


Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Please call Aaron Sommer for current pricing:  (785) 338-9631


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